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We’re waiving listing fees for a limited time and for only the right pieces. Take a look at the criteria below. If you think your piece is a good fit, fill out the form and we’ll be in touch.

What We're Looking For

We feature rare and exceptional pieces with a story to tell. Check out the details and apply to list.

Our curation sets us apart. Every piece listed on Canopy must be attributed to a specific designer or manufacturer. Anything “in the style of…” or “inspired by…” won’t work.

We feature vintage 20th century pieces and rare contemporary pieces with a story to tell. We’re not interested in slightly used versions of commonly available contemporary pieces.

We’re eager for sculptures, vases, lighting fixtures, mirrors, art, and any other non-furniture home good or accessory, provided it meets the conditions above. 

Our community consists of serious collectors with discerning eyes. As such, each listing must feature a wide range of excellent photography that captures every detail of a piece. Use bright, natural lighting, a clean background, and a high-quality camera. We can also send a photographer to you for an additional fee.

Finally, we’re here to tell stories about the world of furniture design. The more unique, eccentric, and interesting, the better.

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