How It Works

Sellers apply to list an item

Our team reviews each submission individually and works with the seller to write a transparent listing. We look for original pieces from sought after designers in good condition with exceptional photography. Each submission costs a one-time fee of $99.

Auction goes live for five days

We encourage bidders to review listings carefully and ask questions of the seller and the community. When a bid is placed, we put a hold on the credit card for 10% of the bid amount (min. $150, max. $10,000). The fee is only charged if the bid wins the auction.

We connect winner and seller directly

At the end of the auction, we collect the 10% fee from the winner and connect buyer and seller directly to arrange payment and shipping. If the auction reserve is not met, we connect the seller with the highest bidder to negotiate directly.


We strive to find the most exceptional and unique vintage furniture. One auction per week with a community of enthusiasts and experts. Explore the information below, and if you still have questions contact us at and we'll get back to you right away.

1. Curated Selected

Each submission is carefully reviewed by our team. We accept  original pieces by well-known designers and craftspeople in excellent condition. We try to find the rare and unique pieces with a story to tell — not something you’d find on any other website or vintage store.

2. Listings That Tell the Story Behind the Craft

We believe rare and unique furniture deserves more than a sentence or two description. These are heirloom pieces with a story behind them. Our listings tell that story, in as much detail as we can. So you can feel confident in your bid and have a story to tell when your friends come over and ask about the beautiful new piece in your living room.

3. Lower Fees

On Canopy Auction, sellers pay a flat $99 listing fee with no hidden commissions and no backroom dealing. Buyers pay a 10% fee above the hammer price. That fee covers the cost of bringing these exceptional pieces to you. Most other auction sites charge as much as 30%. That’s absurd.

4. No “sniping”

We’ve all had the experience of losing an auction to a bid placed in the split second before the auction closes, leaving you no chance to respond. That’s not how it should work. At Canopy Auction, each time someone places a bid in the last two minutes of the auction, the clock resets for another two minutes to give every other bidder a chance to respond.

Auctions typically run for five days. Once an auction is live, all you have to do is type the amount you’d like to bid. Your bid will then become the new high bid and the amount you will be responsible for paying should you win the auction.

When you enter a bid, we place a hold on your credit card for the 10% buyer’s fee. This amount is only charged if your bid wins the auction.

An anti-sniping feature extends the time of the auction by two minutes each time a bid is placed at the end of the auction. This gives everyone a chance to bid fairly.

At the end of the auction, if the reserve price is met, we charge the 10% fee to the buyer’s credit card and put buyer and seller in touch directly to arrange payment and shipping. The buyer then pays the seller directly for the bid amount.

Email us at with all the details and a few photographs. We’ll review it and get back to you right away.

We charge 10% of the final bid amount, with a minimum of $150 and a maximum of $10,000. That fee is what allows us to bring you exceptional vintage furniture. Most other auction sites charge as much as 30%.

We charge a one-time fee of $99 per listing. If you need help with photography or would prefer an unlimited listing option, contact us at

For sellers, we charge the $99 only if we accept the listing.

For buyers, we place a hold on the credit card for 10% of the bid amount. You are only charged if your bid wins the auction and the reserve is met.

Payment for the piece is coordinated by buyers and sellers directly. We recommend using a wire transfer to send payment. We recommend asking the seller for a bill of sale before wiring payment.

After an auction ends, we connect the buyer directly with the seller to coordinate payment and shipping. It is the buyer’s responsibility to pay for the item within three days of winning the auction.

Many sellers will have established relationships with shipping providers and can make the process quick and seamless. Other times, you as the buyer will need to coordinate shipping yourself. There are many providers who specialize in vintage furniture and art. We recommend researching a few that service your area, as costs can vary widely by geography.

We’re also available to help anytime. Just shoot us a note at

If the reserve is not met, then we connect the seller with the highest bidder in hopes that they can negotiate a deal off-platform. 

Unfortunately not. All bids are final. We encourage you to take your time, ask questions of us and the community, and bid carefully.

Auctions that have no reserve will be listed as “no reserve.” Auctions with a reserve price will include just the name of the piece.

We want to ensure we present only the finest rare and unique vintage furniture. That means featuring fewer pieces at a lower frequency. As we grow we’ll be looking to add more auctions.

Unfortunately not. All items listed on the site are for auction only.

Still have questions?