Like 1stdibs, But More Fun

We curate the most exceptional rare and vintage furniture. One auction per week with transparent listings and lively comments from a community of experts. Sign up below to get started.

How It Works

Sellers apply to list an item

Our team reviews each submission individually and works with the seller to write a transparent listing. We look for original pieces from sought after designers in good condition with exceptional photography. Each submission costs a one-time fee of $99.

Auction goes live for five days

We encourage bidders to review listings carefully and ask questions of the seller and the community. When a bid is placed, we put a hold on the credit card for 10% of the bid amount (min. $150, max. $10,000). The fee is only charged if the bid wins the auction.

We connect winner and seller directly

At the end of the auction, we collect the 10% fee from the winner and connect buyer and seller directly to arrange payment and shipping. If the auction reserve is not met, we connect the seller with the highest bidder to negotiate directly.